Sometimes we are asked to just bring life back to an environment that seems to have just fallen asleep. For Interiors Defined projects are not measured on how large or small, or grande or simple. We measure on what is important to our clients and work creatively, diligently, and with the budgets determined to create spaces our owners will be proud of. Our clients are paramount to us, and their needs be it what we call a lipstick project; lipstick = needs be revived or a full renovation; we take both style of project with equal importance. This project in Westbrook Village on the UBC peninsula is a beautiful condominium and townhome complex. Nestled in historical endowment lands of large coniferous trees this lobby just asked for attention. We embraced this project by using the natural wood and greenery colours in the new seating and custom-made focal point pendant lighting. The space is used not only for residents to meet and chat but also by the many young children that enjoy climbing and playing on the artful furnishings.