Paris Place external view metal globe

Paris Place

Paris Place by the International Globe

Paris Place is a 32-story tower and townhome complex encompassing a full square block near Tinseltown, the Old Expo 86 site and Vancouver’s famous Chinatown. The tower entrance with its nod to old world with curve architrave details faces the public art sculpture, “International Globe”, which is often the term noted for the community. The development that was built in 1995 during the boom of growth after the discovery of Vancouver at Exp. Now needed a revival for the next flux of home buyers and renters. Owners wanted to capitalize on their investments and bring the interiors into todays styles but without compromising longevity of design. Our challenge was to work with a large group and satisfy the majority. We reflected on the area, the people, and building characteristics. The neighbourhood is bustling; never-sleeping city living. The people were proud owners and renters that wanted to feel they came home to a place that permitted reflection and relaxation. The building was a complex mix of curves and angles, tight spaces, low and then lofty ceilings. But in the middle of the complex hidden away on the third level was a hidden oasis, a central garden that many residents walked through or along the upper pathways to reach their homes. The design reflects this tranquility by using a clean palette pure white, contrasting night blues, cloud grey tones, and visual textures that look like the bark of trees and wind swirling in the air. Dark furniture was the colour of the sky, and evening clouds just as the sun set over the mountain. This view is what many see when looking out their suite windows. The carpet tile design reflects the inspiration of walking along a pathway through small pools of water; and the pendants in the two different lobbies with gold interior are the moon rays shining down into those puddles. The final change was to have neighbourhood images taken by local photographer David Wood, of iconic and beautiful sites to remind all, of their home and impactful surroundings.